Kyoto Research Park,JAPAN

April 26 - 27, 1999

Wednesday, April 26

Plenary Session 1

Opeing Remarks

Tadao Nakamura(COOL Chips Ⅱ Organizing Committee)

Akira Kubata(The Ministry of International Trade and Industry)

Makoto Nagao(IEICE)

Keynote Speech

Basic Issues in Processor Architecture in the Era of Deep Submicron Technology

Michael Flynn(Stanford Univ.)

Invited Speech 1

In-System Design Verification of Processors

C-M Kyung(KAIST)

Invited Speech 2

Evolutionary Systems for Brain Communications


Session 1 : Accelerators

A 0.25 um CMOS, 5.1 M-Transistor, Dynamically Reconfigurable Logic Engine(DRLE)

Taro Fujii (NEC)

A Cryptgraphic Accelerator Card with Small Fast Low-Power RSA Engines

Kohji Takano (IBM Research)

A High-Performance Public Key Cryptgraphy Co-Processor for Super Multi-Purpose Smart Card

Hiroki Sutoh(NTT)

Poster Session

P1 "A Cost-Effective Branch Target Buffer with a Two-Level Table Organization"

Ryotaro Kobayashi (Nagoya Univ.)

P2 "A Single-Chip Voice over Internet Protocol LSI"

Masazumi Isaka (OKI Electric)

P3 "A Low Power Design Methodology for Large-Scale ASICs"

Yoshinao Kobayashi (IBM)

P4 "An Efficient Coprocessor Interface Scheme in CalmRISC"

Hong-Kyu Kim (Samsung Semiconductor)

P5 "An Effecient Implementation of BIST based on IEEE 1149.1 for Fixed Point DSP Processor"

Sun-Woong Yang Univ.)

P6 "Implementation of the Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard for the MCORE Architecture"

Rich Collins (Motorola)

P7 Cancelled

P8 "Design of Self-Testable Dual-Port Embedded Memory"

Nam-Kyu Jung Univ.)

P9 "A Design of Low Power 16-bit ALU"

Beom Seon Ryum (Chungbuk National Univ.)

P10 "A Processor Architecture and Evaluation which Correspond to the Deviation of the Memory Latency"

Daisuke Mitake(Tokai Univ.)

P11 "ARM920T Low-Power High-Performance System-On-A-Chip Processor"

Guy Larri (ARM)

Session 2 : Multimedia and Graphics

Instruction Decode and Clock Skew Control for a 2.3V, 300MHz Multimedia Processor

Hidehiro Takata (Mitsubishi Electric)

SuperENC: MPEG-2 Video Encoder LSI based on Three-Layer Copoperative Architecture

Mitsuo Ikeda (NTT)

VLIW Geometry Processor for 3D Graphics Acceleration

Sang-Joon Nam (KAIST)

Thursday, April 27

Plenary Session 2

Invited Speech 3

Low Power and High Speed Digital Signal Processor

Hiroshi Takahashi (TI Japan)

Invited Speech 4

Technology Scaling and Design Challenges

Shekhar Borkar(Intel)

Session 3 : Link and Switch

Responsive Processor for Parallel/Distributed Real-Time Processing

Nobuyuki Yamazaki (ETL)

MBP-light: A Processor for Management of The Distributed Shared Memory on JUMP-1

Hiroaki Inoue (Keio Univ. and Univ. of Tokyo)

A 10-Gb/s 4x2 CMOS/SIMOX Switch LSI for a 640-Gb/s ATM Switching System

Yusuke Ohtomo (NTT)

Invited Speech 5

VLIW Processors: Efficiently Exploiting Instruction-level Parallelism Kevin W.Rudd (Stanford Univ.)

Session 4: High-Performance Embedded RISC

An Efficient High-Performance RISC Microprocessor Family

Anna Chiang (SandCraft Inc.)

Superscalar Embedded Processor with SDRAM Interface

Hiroyuki Fujiyama (Fujitsu)

Session 5: Signal Processing Centric Architecture

A High-Performance ISDN Processor

Hirokazu Tagiri (ROHM)

Embedded Micro-RISC Architecture Addresses Low Power Wireless Market Requirements

David R.Gonzales (Motorola)

SH-3 DSP Microprocessor

Cang-HSA Tran (Hitachi Semicond. America)

Closing Remarks

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