General Information

IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Chips 24)


IEEE COOL Chips 24 was successfully held as an online virtual symposium during April 14-16, 2021. Thank you very much for contributing and joining the symposium!

Award Winners @ COOL Chips 24

      Best Poster Award

    “Just-In-Time Machine Code Translator for Deep Learning Processing on Supercomputer Fugaku” by Kentaro Kawakami, Kouji Kurihara, Masafumi Yamazaki, Takumi Honda, Naoto Fukumoto

      Featured Poster Award

    “Evaluation of Narrow Bit-Width Variation for Training Neural Networks” by Tomoya Akabe, Mutsumi Kimura, Yasuhiko Nakashima
    “Evaluation of Neural Network Based Scan Matching for SLAM SoC Implementations” by Keisuke Sugiura, Hiroki Matsutani
    “An Online Trace-Driven Cache Simulator for ARM-Based Supercomputers” by Kazuki Chugo, Yukinori Sato


IEEE COOL Chips is an International Symposium initiated in 1998 to present advancement of low-power and high-speed chips and systems. The symposium covers leading-edge technologies in all areas of microprocessors and their applications. The COOL Chips 24 is to be held as a virtual conference on April 14-16, 2021, instead of a face-to-face event in Tokyo .




Important Dates

  • February 15, 2021   February 5, 2021   Paper / Extended Abstract Submission
  • March 12, 2021 Acceptance Notified
  • March 26, 2021 Final Manuscript Submission
  • March 25, 2021  March 19, 2021 Poster Abstract Submission
  • March 26, 2021  March 22, 2021 Poster Acceptance Notified

For any questions, please contact the Secretariat of COOL Chips 24:
cool_24 “_at_” (Please replace the “at” to @.)